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Our eye exams aim to detect vision problems that

go beyond seeing 20/20.

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About Vision Care & Therapy Center

Our goal is to enhance our patients’ quality of life.

Our practice focuses on vision therapy, rehabilitation, and pediatric eye care. Our eye exams aim to detect binocular vision problems and vision problems that go beyond seeing 20/20. Our goal is to ensure you or your child has all the visual skills needed for success! Vision involves more than being able to see the small letters on the eye chart. An eye exam with us will be unlike any you or your child has ever experienced and could make all the difference.

Our doctors and our highly trained vision therapists treat patients with a wide variety of visual conditions including: poor reading and/or tracking, poor visual perception and/or dyslexia, amblyopia (lazy eye), strabismus, convergence insufficiency, binocular vision dysfunction, dizziness, brain injury, concussions and strokes. Most of our patients didn’t know anything about Vision Therapy even though physicians have been prescribing it for almost one hundred years.

Learn why Vision Therapy can benefit children and adults suffering from vision problems.

Vision Therapy is Highly Effective in Treating Brain Injuries

Our doctors and our team works very closely with brain injury rehabilitation centers including the Shepherd Center to provide early interventions for regaining quality of life post-acquired brain injury.

Visual problems can result from an injury to the brain. These problems are too often missed during initial treatment of the injury. This oversight can result in increased rehabilitation time, and can even impair the rehabilitative process.

Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation is defined as an individualized treatment program for children or adults struggling with visual difficulties as a result of a physical disability, traumatic brain injury or other events that result in damage to the neurological system. It is a blending of vision and rehabilitation. This form of treatment is a process designed to help children and adults resolve visual problems that are a result of a functional disorder and/or disorders that affect their visual-perceptual and eye motion skills.

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What is Vision Therapy?

Vision Therapy is a non-surgical treatment which builds new neural pathways in your brain to process information from your eyes more efficiently.  Learn More

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Symptoms of Vision Problems

Most children don’t know how they are supposed to see and rarely complain. Therefore it is vital that parents know the symptoms to watch for (and ask your children!). Learn more.

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Vision Exams & Treatment Plans

Would you be surprised to learn there are 17 visual skills that we all need in order to be successful in reading, learning, in sports and in life? Seeing ‘20/20’ is just one these important skills.  Learn More

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Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation

Visual problems can result from an injury to the brain and are too often missed during initial treatment of the injury. This oversight can result in increased rehabilitation time, and can even impair the rehabilitative process.  Learn More

Vision Care & Therapy Center

Comprehensive Eye Care & Vision Therapy

Our Dedicated Team

Our Dedicated Team

About Us

Since 2013, Vision Care & Therapy Center’s mission is to provide our patients with the highest quality eye care. To do this, we will listen to your concerns and attend to your vision care needs.

Complete Eye Care

Complete Eye Care

Our Services

We offer complete eye care for all ages including Pediatric Eye Exams, Vision Therapy, Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation, Contact Lens Fittings, Treatment of “Pink Eye” and Eye Diseases.

What is Vision Therapy?

What is Vision Therapy?

Vision Therapy

Vision Therapy “teaches” the brain and eyes to work together. It is a highly effective treatment program for children or adults experiencing perceptual and visual problems.

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Vision Problems

Does your child have any of these symptoms?

If your child has any of these symptoms, there is a very strong possibility that a vision problem is contributing to his or her difficulties. Please call our office at 678-256-3990 to schedule a Developmental Vision Evaluation as soon as possible. Here is a quick survey to help determine if your child may have symptoms of a common visual problem called Convergence Insufficiency. Consider scheduling a developmental vision evaluation if the score is greater than 15. Click here for the Survey.

Signs to Look for in Infants and Toddlers:

• One eye seems to turn in or out
• Squinting or closing one eye
• Doesn’t respond to visual stimuli
• Difficulty following moving objects

We provide comprehensive eye examinations for children and adults. In addition, we also provide vision evaluations for those with special needs, autism, and Asperger’s Syndrome, as well as those who have suffered a stroke, traumatic brain injury, or concussion. Learn More

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Common Vision Problems

• Skips/repeats lines when reading
• Omits small words such as “in”, “on”, “the”, when reading
• Poor reading comprehension
• Homework takes longer than it should
• Trouble keeping attention on reading
• Difficulty completing assignments on time
• Difficulty copying from the board
• Burning, itchy, watery eyes
• Squinting, eye rubbing, excessive blinking
• Blurred or double vision
• Headaches when reading/at the end of the day
• Head tilt or closing an eye when reading
• Gets tired when reading
• Avoids “near” work/reading
• Omits or re-reads words/letters
• Poor reading comprehension
• Poor handwriting
• Clumsy/knocks things over
• Car/motion sickness
• Letter or number reversals
• Performs poorly in sports
• Considered “lazy”, “slow learner”, “ADHD”, or “behavior problem”

Our Patients

Success Stories

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My name is Abigail and I am nine years old. I used to avoid reading because it was difficult in a lot of ways. The words went in and out of being fuzzy and I had to read the line over and over before I really understood what it said.

I didn’t know to ask for help because I didn’t know anything different.

One of my eyes was weaker than the other so my eyes were not working as a team. After doing therapy, reading became much easier because I trained my eyes to work together. I can read much faster now and my test scores are higher in school. I liked the way that the exercises were all something I could do at home with my family.

Abigail | Patient

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Vision Care & Therapy Center

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